Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Journey

The Journey

Dust arising from the path a new
journey to begin

From the peak to the base, the hills cast
a shadow upon us, as if to grin

Stating their difficulties, we look upon
in awe,
a quest, a trek, a challenge for all

The sweat and the pain; outweighed
by the lush fields, the sweet pure water,
and the rugged terrain

The icy guardians, they lurk up high in
the hills,
watching our every move, grumbling,
they stay still

Pushing through the rain, the snow, and the sleet,
the body is tired.
Your eyes demand more
despite your sore feet

And when the sun comes up, your picture is
perfect, nothing you could have imagined,
and now the journey becomes worth it.

--Tyler Shea

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